I hit a career peak at Rock Island County Fair last night.

This radio thing takes me places I have never been before. I get to do things I have never done before, too. Like showing sheep. No joke. It's an experience I'll never forget.

It was about 180 degrees out with the humidity at the Rock Island County Fair but that doesn't stop us here in the Midwest. We are hot-to-trot when it comes to the fair. We'll ride rides, eat the eats and show the animals.

I was asked to be a 'Celebrity Sheep Show-er' and to my surprise, I didn't do too baahhhhdd. Okay, I know, #epicjokefail. (A friend warned me it was a bad joke but it still makes me kinda snort-laugh.)


Showing sheep is a lot more involved than I thought it would be. Getting the sheep sheared, prepared, soaped down, sprayed off and the wool on its legs all fluffy and ready-to-go is a bit of a chore. Thankfully,  my 4-H kiddo Owen had that all done ahead of time. We had to walk through the motions of how to hold and guide the sheep, how to hold the harness, how to pull the sheep up and straight for posture and I even had to learn what it eats, how much it weighs and all about the team 'weather' and what that means.

Then there's the judging. I was doing really well until he started asking me the meat cuts. Other than the 5 gyros I've had in my lifetime, I don't eat sheep. I rarely eat meat, yet alone, sheep. So, I got that glazed, deer-in-headlights look when the started asking me questions. I laughed and asked if I could dial a 'lifeline'. I even gave him such a dumb answer I begged him to press the delete button.

At the end of it all, Owen and I came in 7th place, which was not dead last, so we were thankful. I asked him what he considered a 'success' to be with this being both of our first year showing. He said, "Well, you didn't let the sheep get loose, so it's a success." I can live with that. There's always next year.