Early in their career, the Zac Brown Band considered Kenny Chesney to be a mentor. In fact, the superstar helped them out of one very tough situation. Just don’t ask Chesney about it, because he won't remember.

Brown and his bandmates talked to Taste of Country prior to their set at Country Jam in Colorado on Sunday (June 19). The singer recalled Chesney graciously offering them his private plane when they needed it to make a radio show for 16,000 people.

"I called him in the middle of the night basically,” Brown says. "He said ‘hold on a second, I just took an Ambien, I’m in my bunk.’ A few minutes later his pilot called us."

They boarded the jet, bought new instruments and stage clothes just before the show, performed without any other glitches and then called Chesney up to say thanks. “I’m like ‘Dude, thank you so much. You just saved us a show for 16,000 and the relationship with the radio station.’ He’s like, ‘What are you talking about?’”

"He had no idea that he sent it," Brown says of Chesney.

ZBB also talked about Alan Jackson offering a few (very few) kind words when “Chicken Fried” went to No. 1, hunting with Drake White, embarrassing their kids and cover songs that go wrong. Watch the above video to see John Driskell Hopkins' impression of his twin 4-year-old daughters.

The group’s 90-minute set at Country Jam was filled with hits and cover songs. Their version of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” was particularly memorable.

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