Craig's List: 4 Things to Know - 6/20/18
Foggy, soggy morning with p.m. storms; Win tickets to Planet Funk Con at 7:25 and 8:25; Enter to win free lunch from Zeke's Island Cafe; Craig's Question: What word rubs you the wrong way?
Muscatine Drivers Tap The Brakes as Speed Camera Back Online
Muscatine drivers are back to tapping the breaks now that the traffic camera is back on line at U.S. 61 and University Drive. According to our partner Local 4 News residents aren't happy about it either. Muscatine resident Kirsten Sievert says:
They cause a lot of accidents when they turn on because …
Comic-Con Fans-This One's For You
The Quad Cities own version of Comic-Con is coming to town and we're giving away free tickets. Listen to the Morning Kick Start with Craig this week at 7:25 and 8:25 for your cue to call.
Craig's List: 4 Things to Know - 6/19/18
Scattered storms for the next few days; Three Bandits pitchers in Midwest All-Star Game; Coke Collectors descend on QC next week; Craig's Question: What's the worst movie you've ever watched?

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