Craig’s List: 4 Things to Know – 5/10/18
Sunshine and 80º before a weekend cool down; Big early morning fire in Davenport; Steamwheelers home for Saturday game; Craig's Question: What unusual item have you found while cleaning your home?
Has Your Fire Extinguisher Been Recalled?
This weekend we set our clocks back an hour and at our house we also replaced smoke detector batteries and checked our fire extinguisher after we heard the U.S. Government recalled nearly 40 million of them this week.
The recall applies to Kidde-brand fire extinguishers, some with plastic handles and…
Franklin Elementary Students Find New Home
Last week we told you about a fire that caused significant damage to Franklin Elementary School in Moline.
Since then, students had been off while the school board searched for a temporary location for classes to be held while repairs were made...
Moline’s Franklin Elementary School Closed Due to Fire
Students at Moline's Benjamin Franklin Elementary School will be getting and extra day off, and maybe more after a fire on the weekend at their school.
Local reports say firefighters responded to all a call at about 10:30 Sunday morning and arrived to find a classroom engulfed in smoke and flame…
Moline to Dump Non-Resident First Responder Fee
It's been controversial from the get-go - a fee charged to non-residents of Moline who utilize the services of first responders. We first told you about the fee back in March.
Out-of-town drivers passing through Moline have been surprised by the law that has been on the books for&…
Quad Cities Sound Man Rebuilds After Fire
A fire destroyed Butch Bos's home, possessions, and sound gear two weeks ago. Fortunately he and his wife weren't home at the time. Now that Butch has had some time to reflect he knows everything can be replaced except photos, keepsakes and his signature custom made Western shirts...

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