Smartphone Driver’s Licenses Coming to Iowa in 2018
It is always fun to watch movies from the past that depicted future technology. Some get it right (Star Trek communicators, touchpads), and some get it wrong (where's my flying car?)
The state of Iowa will soon introduce a new technology right out of the movies...
Iowa Fireworks Law Passes With a Bang
Back in early March I told you about a bill making its way through the Iowa legislature that would make buying and possession of fireworks legal in Iowa.
Well, the Quad City Times reports that the bill passed both houses, and was signed by Governor Branstad yesterday, so, as Chicago sang in their son…
Iowa Hawkeye #1 Pick in Canadian Football Draft
A defensive tackle from the Iowa Hawkeyes was the first pick in the Canadian Football League (CFL) draft over the weekend.
The Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL drafted Faith Ekakitie (#56) with the number one pick on Sunday. The 6-foot-1, 304 pound tackle finished his Hawkeye football career with 39 …
Iowa Trying To Make Minimum Wage Increases Illegal
Henry Ford once said that the best customers he had for his vehicles were his employees. So, he made sure he paid them a wage that made a Ford affordable for them.
Flash forward a hundred years and and many economists - and a recent study by the University of Illinois - agree that a middle class with…
Iowa Will Soon Have Digital Driver’s Licenses.
I used to be notorious for leaving stuff behind. As I have aged, I've realized that if I don't put systems in place like repeating my steps, and putting things in a set place every time, I could well leave the house without pants.
For Iowans, leaving the house without your Driver's Lic…

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