POLL: Quad Cities Best Ice Cream – Whitey’s or Country Style?
A few days ago, I posted a pic of a Whitey's shake calling it "training" for a video segment I'm going to begin soon. The segment will be my quest to find, with your help, the Quad Cities Best Milkshake.
Within a day, I received almost three dozen comments from passionate ice cream aficiona…
Craig’s List: 4 Things to Know – 4/21
~~Everybody's working for the weekend~~~ and it's just hours away.
1 - Sunshine will prevail for the weekend with temps warming back into the 70º by Sunday. WQAD Meteorologist Eric Sorensen's detailed forecast is here.
2 - The Quad City Mallards will be fighting to avoid eliminatio…
A new Whitey’s Ice Cream opens in Eldridge
Yeah, it's been down right polar in the Quad Cities the past week or so, but it is never too cold to crave Whitey's ice cream.
Folks in Eldridge will no longer have to trek down Welcome Way to get their Whitey's fix after today.
Whitey's is opening their first location in over 20 y…