UPDATE: The official parade route will start at approximately 11 a.m., leaving Wrigley at approximately 10 a.m., and will travel along Michigan Avenue between Oak St. and Ohio St. and then along Columbus Dr. between Monroe St. and Balbo Ave. Fans who want to catch the downtown parade are encouraged to see them along this route.

Map Credit: WGN.com
The event is free and open to the public. Here are a few more bullet points to remember:

* closed water bottles will be allowed

* food vendors will be at Grant Park for the Rally

* there will be security checkpoints

* public transportation should be used and Metra is offering a $5 all day pass

Get even more details HERE and have a blast celebrating history!

It was originally planed and announced by the city of Chicago for Monday, but, according to the Chicago Tribune, the Cubs have asked the city to move the World Series Celebration parade to tomorrow - Friday, November 4.

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel was quoted in the Tribune saying that the route and time haven't been determined yet, as he is still functioning, like most of us, on a few hours sleep. Emanuel did say that if you stand on just about any Chicago street, you're likely to see the parade anyway.

We'll get you the details when we know them. In the meantime, let us know if the comments if you plan to travel to Chicago for the parade.