There was a time when Hallowe'en wasn't about going door to door for treats, but instead about playing tricks or pranks on folks, and causing general mischief.  In some cases the pranks proved quite dangerous. Sometime back in the early 60's, the city of Anoka, Minnesota decided to initiate the first Hallowe'en parade to discourage, and likely distract, kids from wreaking havoc in the community.

The Hallowe'en parade has become a tradition in many cities across America, and the Quad Cities is no exception. There are several events happening over the coming days designed to provide activities for families while also providing an alternative to trick-or-treating on Hallowe'en itself.

Fright Night in The District of Rock Island takes place tonight, Thursday, Oct 27 from 5-8pm. Activities include no-line, no-registration, spot costume contests; a scavenger hunt; costume parade; live performances; and of course trick or treating at District businesses.

Both Davenport and Bettendorf will hold their annual Hallowe'en Parades on Saturday.

Davenport's parade starts at 1:00pm on Saturday at 3rd and Brady Streets, rain or shine. Davenport Police remind residents that there will be no parking on the parade route starting at 6 A.M. the morning of the parade.

Bettendorf's parade is an evening affair, getting underway at 7:00pm at the intersection of 23rd Street and Middle Road, then continuing onto Spruce Hills Drive.